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Scented Wax Beads


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Pink Zebra’s unique scented wax melts Sprinkles™ are made in the USA from Soft Soy™©

Sprinkles maximize fragrance, last 30% longer, burn more cleanly and consistently than traditional wax products and are responsible, renewable, and sustainable. Sprinkles really throw fragrance in a room because they are tested with our 20 foot rule. All fragrances must provide fragrance impact in a 20’x20’ room for three days.

Sprinkles are sold in 3.75oz jars or 16oz cartons and can be simmered in our simmering lights or simmer pots or used to make a glimmer candle. Because of their size Sprinkles are the most versatile fragrance wax available anywhere.

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Simmering Lights


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Pink Zebra's patented Simmering Lights are decorative lamps

Pink Zebra’s patented simmering lights are decorative lamps. The light bulb heats a dish resting on top of the lamp which liquefies your blend of Sprinkles. Their design allows a decorative shade to rest on its ledge or rest on the surface around it.

Choose from 20 designs, 10 colored lamps on our classic oil rubbed bronze base, and 10 colored lamps on our shabby chic white base.

US PAT 9,068,739 B2

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Pink Zebra's shades allow you to change your decor without buying a new lamp every time.

Over 40 shade designs makes matching your décor and your mood really easy and affordable.

From eclectic chic to rustic lodge these unique shades are always on trend and are sure to spark a conversation with your guests.

Change is good!

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Scented Jewelry


Simmer Pots


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Pink Zebra's offers the most affordable way to simmer Sprinkles.

We offer 7 single color single dish simmer pots that are small and simple enough to work in any space and 4 simmer pots with 2 dishes that allow you to change the look by simply changing the dish.

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Glimmer Candles


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Make your own candle in 15 seconds! Really!

Watch a 20 second video! Really! No mess. Each of our 10 glimmer candle kits comes with wicks and easy to use instructions.

Check out this video to see how simple it is.

Just Add Soaks are a variety of soakable items that fit your lifestyle

Woolies are cute soak able wooden animals covered in authentic wool. You can soak the wood and the wool to personalize your fragrance environment.

Naked, unfinished wood, items like trees and diffusers allow you to soak the wood for a longer lasting more home decorative approach.

Hang-its are soak able and use air flow to diffuse fragrance by hanging from a ceiling fan, door knob, or central air return in your home.

Go Cards are soak able car fresheners that allow you to customize your scent and re-soak as often as you like.

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