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Pink Zebra changes lives through our business opportunity and ability to create personal fragrance and décor featuring easily blendable, premium wax Sprinkles and body-safe liquid Soaks.

Our Culture:

  • Compassion & Care
  • Family & Friendship
  • Fun & Happiness
  • Personal Growth


Tom And Kelly Gaines

After meeting and working together in a candle factory, we discovered we created magic together. True magic! We not only created a huge success in the candle industry it was the spark that created our life together. In 1999, we decided to start our own candle business out of our home. It was just the two of us and $30,000 in credit card debt. It was a scary time in our lives, but hey, we had magic! To be honest, looking back we never thought we could fail.

In the next 6 years we slowly built an amazing team that would go on to create the nation’s 3rd largest candle manufacturer. We made candles for everyone’s brands. Brands like Pier 1, Bath & Body Works, Better Homes and Gardens, and Mainstays. Each year it became more and more about price for these retailers forcing our team to become extremely good at efficiencies, but creating stress that none of our team deserved. We knew we needed a better future, so in 2010 we set out to build a relationship directly with our customers through a direct-sells business model.

Our greatest strength is understanding our customer and what she wants so we named our company, Pink Zebra. Pink represents the power of women. Home fragrances are mainly purchased by women for their families, therefore, the empowering color and name Pink was selected to represent us. A Zebra is a special animal with unique stripe patterns, and like our fingerprints, no two are alike. However, when you put a herd together they become stronger as their stripes become one pattern that cannot be singled out.

We are a company dedicated to knowing what you want in home fragrance. We care deeply about our team–every single Zebra! We have one mission and that is to change lives. We are powerful, unique, team spirited Zebras with a mission to go out and change lives for the better! That is the essence of this family of amazing people we call Pink Zebra!

About Pink Zebra
About Pink Zebra